ARANGO International Design Competition

Nell’ambito del Concorso Internazionale ARANGO del 1978, Giorgina Castiglioni partecipa con due serie di posate.
Riportiamo qui sotto la relazione del progetto



N. 13950673 Design 1978.
 Project for a series of cutlery to be carried out in plastic material
 planned both for continuous use in individual spaces as well as for
 The use of a material such as Makrolon was recommended because of the
 characteristics of resistance to chemical agents and high temperature
 (dishwasher), and, moreover, is considered suitable because it satisfies
 the specifications of the American Food and Drug Administrations (FDA),
 excluding situations of toxicity.
 The formal solution proposed is strictly in relation to the tecnological characteristics of the plastic material, besides, the stiffening ribs show solutions of continuity towards offering greater consistency to areas sustaining major stresses.
N. 02450889 Design 1978.
 Forms part of the above mentioned study.
The project of the two series has still not been submitted to eventual producing
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